Lithium toxicity


Lithium toxicity is a bitch and all I did was take my meds.

I didn’t know what was happening at the time but for a few weeks before I was having severe memory problems and was really tired all the time. I blamed this on my Crohns disease but one day my boyfriend couldn’t wake me up for a long time and when he managed to I was so confused I couldn’t remember my address or where I was. I was also talking total rubbish, with sentences that made no sense what so ever and acting like a 5 year old, making inappropriate comments and giggling a lot.

My boyfriend called an ambulance and they thought I had a stroke so they took me straight to A&E. Luckily A&E managed to work it out pretty quickly and as I had no kidney damage they filled my with bag after bag of fluid to flush it out of my system.

Neurological problems were a bitch. Double vision, lack of memory and poor motor control were really frustrating.

They found out that my liver was badly damaged and so I was taken off all my meds: both bipolar and Crohns. When my physical health was passable I was discharged to an empty house with no support. I was barely able to look after myself. I couldn’t cook, clean or get myself in the shower for fear I would fall over.

Is this what happens when you get sick? if you’re not going to die then I guess you’re not their problem any more. I was very disappointed that they just took me off all my meds, left me in a state and let me get on with it on my own. I tried to get help but there was none as my social worker was on holiday and the person who was supposed to look after my case was not to be found.

Of course my mood then went wild but that is for next time

All the best