Mental health art

In this section I will post some pieces that I have made to do with my mental health and some that I just like. You can also find me on my art blog HerSelf Image

I made this on the psychiatric ward from oil pastel. It shows how sometimes my mind can feel like its in a whirl.







This is a piece showing that when you are really unwell and broken, even though people try their best to help you sometimes there is nothing you can do.






Sometimes it can feel like having bipolar disorder is like having a ticking bomb in your brain. Everything can be going well but you never know when you will become unwell again.








This is what it feels like to be unwell, with your brain shattered into pieces







This is an expression of how it feels to be suicidal








Sometimes when I’m unwell I feel erased from the real world and this is an expression of that







My dark angel







I made this when I was feeling very unwell and had lost touch with reality somewhat. It shows the voices entering into my mind.







This shows how sometimes having mental health problems can make you feel trapped.










I drew this in oil pastel on the ward. I have no idea what it means as I was rather out of touch at the time.






This shows the two sides to me. The successful PhD student on one side and the girl in the darkness on the other.





This picture shows how lonely and sad having a mental illness can make you feel.







This picture is all about conformity. The image of a shirt representing the formalities of the work/school environment and its manipulation trying to break away from the mold of modern society.