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Hearing voices is just madness

I am totally crazy at the moment. The voices won’t leave me alone and I feel surrounded by madness. I’ve been seeing things too, particularly when I’m trying to get to sleep. I… Continue reading

Another mixed episode…

I’m not doing so good. The psychiatrist and Social Worker are worried. I am trying very hard to keep some sense of keeping it together but it’s not working at all. I’m sure… Continue reading

Influenzal Mood Disorder

I have been rather sick. I have an apparently severe case of flu and pneumonia, which has left me knocked for six and not doing very much at all, except for sleeping excessively… Continue reading

Preyground by Kate Gladstone

See, saw, Margery Daw, The bullies grabbed her for a whacking. When she fought, screamed, or hid, she was told (the poor kid) — “It’s YOUR social skills that are lacking.”

In hospital

Last week I had a major depressive episode, which got so bad I was admitted to hospital. My relapse started with me becoming anxious about everything (did I leave the door unlocked, cooker… Continue reading

Lithium and psychotherapy

I’m feeling on top of the world. I’ve been taking lithium for about a month and a half now and it appears to be doing its job quite effectively. I’m back to a… Continue reading

Feeling under the cosh

I have been managing to go in to uni most days.  On Thursday I rather overdid it and so on Friday I was too exhausted to go in.  This is rather a difficult… Continue reading

Mood swing

Its funny how quickly my mood can change. I’m getting really bad thoughts. I’m fixated on thoughts of hurting myself and am feeling an immense compulsion to slit my wrists.  Its not fair,… Continue reading

Back to the PhD

Today was my second day back at university after my “minor hiccup”. Going back to work after an illness is hard but going back after spending time off with a psychiatric illness is… Continue reading

Home from hospital

I’m home from hospital!!! I’m being taken care of by the crisis team who come round and give me my meds twice a day and monitor how I’m getting on. They’re not that… Continue reading