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Mum blasts mental health teams after young son was found hanged with xBox cable

The mother of young father Ben Harding, who was found dead in the back garden of his family home, has condemned the support her 21-year-old son received from mental health teams. The body… Continue reading

OK mood, seriously WTF

After about 5 days of what you could call happiness I have slipped back into a pit of depression again. I always know things are getting serious when I start looking up the… Continue reading

Leaving the crisis team, thank goodness

OK so I have been discharged from the crisis team. Not because I am well or in any way better but because they seem to think that my overall expression of annoyance with… Continue reading

Living a mixed affective episode and sodium valproate

So over the past month or so I have been in the throws of a mixed affective episode which has been extremely unpleasant. I have been violently swinging from the depths of depression… Continue reading

Mixed Affective Episode Artwork

I did this yesterday when I was feeling overwhelmed by nasty mixed feelings of feeling so low I wanted to end it all but was agitated, restless and full of energy. My thoughts… Continue reading

Another mixed episode…

I’m not doing so good. The psychiatrist and Social Worker are worried. I am trying very hard to keep some sense of keeping it together but it’s not working at all. I’m sure… Continue reading

New series- The Reality of Mental illness

Someone said to me the other day that having Bipolar disorder was seen as “cool” and “fashionable” so in response I have decided to write a new series of articles detailing the day… Continue reading

In hospital

Last week I had a major depressive episode, which got so bad I was admitted to hospital. My relapse started with me becoming anxious about everything (did I leave the door unlocked, cooker… Continue reading

I say this too often

My social worker tells me I say this too often. I must learn to work on this

More depression and stuff

I’ve been having a low spell for a couple of weeks now that doesn’t seem to be going away. I don’t even want to get out of bed and when I eventually do… Continue reading