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To be totally honest things are getting rather heavy at the moment. I am trying to hang on as there are only 2 weeks to go now so I’m just keeping my fingers… Continue reading

From the psychiatric hospital

I’ve somehow managed to get the NHS to put me in a private hospital. Its really nice, it reminds me of some kind of celebrity rehab and to be honest, most of the… Continue reading

Hospital update

Update: I have been sent to the Signet Hospital in Harrow which I’m told is very swish so it can’t be that bad can it?

Into the hospital (again)

They are sending me into hospital but I don’t know which one. Apparently there are no NHS beds so they are sending me to a private hospital. Been waiting for the call to… Continue reading

In hospital

Last week I had a major depressive episode, which got so bad I was admitted to hospital. My relapse started with me becoming anxious about everything (did I leave the door unlocked, cooker… Continue reading

More depression and stuff

I’ve been having a low spell for a couple of weeks now that doesn’t seem to be going away. I don’t even want to get out of bed and when I eventually do… Continue reading

Home from hospital

I’m home from hospital!!! I’m being taken care of by the crisis team who come round and give me my meds twice a day and monitor how I’m getting on. They’re not that… Continue reading