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Man on the wall


Mixed Affective Episode Artwork

I did this yesterday when I was feeling overwhelmed by nasty mixed feelings of feeling so low I wanted to end it all but was agitated, restless and full of energy. My thoughts… Continue reading

Mental health art from the ward

This piece shows the two sides to being bipolar, the depressed and the euphoric This shows how people can try their best to help but I am just too broken and need professional… Continue reading

Restless in hospital

Feeling really restless. Woke up at 3 and you can’t go for a cigarette till 8 so I am feeling very edgy. It is much nicer here and I am calm most of… Continue reading

Mixed affective episode (mixed state)

So things have gone from bad to worse. My manic episode has turned into a mixed affective episode, which is apparently one of the most confusing and dangerous states in all of psychiatry.… Continue reading