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Laughter Therapy: They Might Be Giants, London 2013

Ok so they say that laughter is the best medicine right? So I can’t think of any better therapy than going to see They Might Be Giants. It has been ages since they… Continue reading

Mania come down

My mania appears to have burnt itself out. Now I am left in some kind of limbo where I am feeling slightly depressed but nothing to write home about. The thing that bothers… Continue reading

Reason for my mixed episode

I have been feeling like total crap. Spent the weekend manically running round London doing this and that but not much really, although I did make it to the Mindful exhibition which was… Continue reading

Reality of mental illness #1 MONEY

University is a time of money worries for most students, but for me it is a source of very real difficulties. I have problems with impulse control and am vulnerable to going on… Continue reading

Shananigans at Notting Hill Carnival 2011

As is traditional, I attended the Notting Hill carnival again this year. Also, as is tradition I didn’t organise myself to go until the night before when I texted Mr Tom, who is… Continue reading

Hospital update

Update: I have been sent to the Signet Hospital in Harrow which I’m told is very swish so it can’t be that bad can it?

Mixed affective episode (mixed state)

So things have gone from bad to worse. My manic episode has turned into a mixed affective episode, which is apparently one of the most confusing and dangerous states in all of psychiatry.… Continue reading

mind make up your mind

I had been feeling much better and have been getting a little high in mood from time to time but my mood seems to be unstable Saturday was an amazing day, one of… Continue reading