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Mum blasts mental health teams after young son was found hanged with xBox cable

The mother of young father Ben Harding, who was found dead in the back garden of his family home, has condemned the support her 21-year-old son received from mental health teams. The body… Continue reading

The Suicide’s Argument- my depression’s downfall

This is a poem that I turn to in times of deep sorrow, when I feel like ending it all.  I love the response that nature gives, it shows that we need to… Continue reading

Feeling really depressed

I’m feeling really on edge. I managed to make it into uni yesterday but I had to come home as I really was feeling the pressure. I have had quite a lot of… Continue reading

tired and frazzled

I’m feeling more than a little frustrated. I take quite a bit of medication to help control my mental health and the recent increased doses in response to me ending up in hospital… Continue reading