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Want to be part of a new BBC documentary?

Hi there, my name is Laura and I am a documentary maker working on a film for BBC Three‘s new mental health season. The film will be about young people who have close… Continue reading

OK mood, seriously WTF

After about 5 days of what you could call happiness I have slipped back into a pit of depression again. I always know things are getting serious when I start looking up the… Continue reading

Reason for my mixed episode

I have been feeling like total crap. Spent the weekend manically running round London doing this and that but not much really, although I did make it to the Mindful exhibition which was… Continue reading

New series- The Reality of Mental illness

Someone said to me the other day that having Bipolar disorder was seen as “cool” and “fashionable” so in response I have decided to write a new series of articles detailing the day… Continue reading

The Suicide’s Argument- my depression’s downfall

This is a poem that I turn to in times of deep sorrow, when I feel like ending it all.  I love the response that nature gives, it shows that we need to… Continue reading

So who’s been visiting my Blog over the past couple of weeks?

As you can see, people with quite a mix of issues have been visiting the site recently with the most common problem being depression. Bipolar, eating disorders and anxiety disorders also scored highly.… Continue reading

More mental health art

I know I’ve posted alot of art already but I’m still not well and struggling to write but I will soon I promise This is how I often feel having bipolar disorder: things… Continue reading

Mental health art from the ward

This piece shows the two sides to being bipolar, the depressed and the euphoric This shows how people can try their best to help but I am just too broken and need professional… Continue reading

Restless in hospital

Feeling really restless. Woke up at 3 and you can’t go for a cigarette till 8 so I am feeling very edgy. It is much nicer here and I am calm most of… Continue reading

mind make up your mind

I had been feeling much better and have been getting a little high in mood from time to time but my mood seems to be unstable Saturday was an amazing day, one of… Continue reading