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Man on the wall


Mixed Affective Episode Artwork

I did this yesterday when I was feeling overwhelmed by nasty mixed feelings of feeling so low I wanted to end it all but was agitated, restless and full of energy. My thoughts… Continue reading

Mental health art: The Mindful Exhibition

MINDFUL is an exhibition and arts festival at the Old Vic Tunnels which launched with a gala dinner and auction at Imperial War Museum. The project, initiated & curated by British artist and… Continue reading

I don’t want to juggle glass anymore

I refer you back to what I named this blog, “How to Juggle Glass”. I called it that because that’s what my life feels like: juggling balls made of glass and if (and… Continue reading

Suicidal thoughts

I hear voices telling me to kill myself and they wont go away. They tell me that I am worth nothing and there is no point in me being alive as I’m just… Continue reading

All arty

When I’m not doing my PhD I really like to do some art and go to art therapy too so I’ve decided to make a new section featuring some of my paintings etc… Continue reading