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Why I hate my birthday…

I really hate birthdays for many reasons, but here are two. The first reason I hate birthdays is quite a common one. I get huge amounts of anticipatory anxiety that noone will remember… Continue reading

Reality of mental illness #1 MONEY

University is a time of money worries for most students, but for me it is a source of very real difficulties. I have problems with impulse control and am vulnerable to going on… Continue reading

I don’t want to juggle glass anymore

I refer you back to what I named this blog, “How to Juggle Glass”. I called it that because that’s what my life feels like: juggling balls made of glass and if (and… Continue reading

Some slightly different flower artwork

I’ve published quite a bit of my artwork surrounding mental health and I think it’s about time that I show that I can do something else. I really love flowers, they are so… Continue reading

Having a pamper

Spent the day doing girly things. Got my hair cut and dyed purple with pink highlights which I enjoyed. I told them that I didn’t want it to make me look like a… Continue reading

Suicidal thoughts

I hear voices telling me to kill myself and they wont go away. They tell me that I am worth nothing and there is no point in me being alive as I’m just… Continue reading

From the hospital part II

Hello from the psychiatric ward! I won’t tell you which one but I can say that it is thoroughly crap. This is one of the worst places in the world to be. There… Continue reading

“Crazy” comments

Thought I’d share a story with you… Once I was in a pharmacy. I handed in my prescription and went to loiter around the shop while they made it up for me.  Now,… Continue reading