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Stigma, Society, and Specialty Choice: What’s Going On? by Sam Huber

If psychiatry offers the flexible and reasonable hours, compensation, and autonomy that students cite as important to their lifestyle as a physician, why do applicants to psychiatry residency programs remain steady? If mental… Continue reading

Man on the wall

Living a mixed affective episode and sodium valproate

So over the past month or so I have been in the throws of a mixed affective episode which has been extremely unpleasant. I have been violently swinging from the depths of depression… Continue reading

My complaint against the NHS for nearly killing me

I thought I’d share this rather disturbing experience with you. Below is my letter of complaint that I have submitted. I have omitted the names and places so it can remain anonymous. Dear… Continue reading

Coping strategies

Following a suggestion from Bridget Wilson Hall I thought I’d write a little about coping strategies that help me get through when I am feeling sad, depressed, suicidal or like hurting, myself.  There… Continue reading

Back to the PhD

Today was my second day back at university after my “minor hiccup”. Going back to work after an illness is hard but going back after spending time off with a psychiatric illness is… Continue reading

The joys of psychiatric medication

One of the main problems that people with mental illness face is taking medication.