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A poem on OCD

Looking at window display A black dress I can’t afford Walking down Regent Street Bodies bump into me People pass like cattle Frustration Shops blur in the melee Herded towards the curb My… Continue reading

Man on the wall

Suicidal thoughts

I hear voices telling me to kill myself and they wont go away. They tell me that I am worth nothing and there is no point in me being alive as I’m just… Continue reading

Feeling really depressed

I’m feeling really on edge. I managed to make it into uni yesterday but I had to come home as I really was feeling the pressure. I have had quite a lot of… Continue reading

Mood swing

Its funny how quickly my mood can change. I’m getting really bad thoughts. I’m fixated on thoughts of hurting myself and am feeling an immense compulsion to slit my wrists.  Its not fair,… Continue reading

Suicide: my truth

I have an unstable mood and can in a matter of minutes to hours plummet into a psychological darkness that feels utterly inescapable.