On suicide and crisis resolution

I haven’t updated the blog for quite a while. This is because I am not very well and have been feeling a complete lack of any kind of creativity and have really wanted… Continue reading

Feeling the pain: Suicide controls my thoughts

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow Creeps in this petty pace from day to day To the last syllable of recorded time; And all our yesterdays have lighted fools The way to dusty death.… Continue reading

Living a mixed affective episode and sodium valproate

So over the past month or so I have been in the throws of a mixed affective episode which has been extremely unpleasant. I have been violently swinging from the depths of depression… Continue reading

Why I hate my birthday…

I really hate birthdays for many reasons, but here are two. The first reason I hate birthdays is quite a common one. I get huge amounts of anticipatory anxiety that noone will remember… Continue reading

New mental health art blog

Hi there everyone. Since I do so much art, too much to fit on my mental health art page here, I have started a separate photoblog for all my mental health artwork and… Continue reading

Mixed Affective Episode Artwork

I did this yesterday when I was feeling overwhelmed by nasty mixed feelings of feeling so low I wanted to end it all but was agitated, restless and full of energy. My thoughts… Continue reading

Reality of mental illness #3 MEDICATION

One of the main problems that people with mental illness face is taking medication. I take the following every day…

Reason for my mixed episode

I have been feeling like total crap. Spent the weekend manically running round London doing this and that but not much really, although I did make it to the Mindful exhibition which was… Continue reading

Mental health art: The Mindful Exhibition

MINDFUL is an exhibition and arts festival at the Old Vic Tunnels which launched with a gala dinner and auction at Imperial War Museum. The project, initiated & curated by British artist and… Continue reading

Another mixed episode…

I’m not doing so good. The psychiatrist and Social Worker are worried. I am trying very hard to keep some sense of keeping it together but it’s not working at all. I’m sure… Continue reading