A poem on OCD

Looking at window display A black dress I can’t afford Walking down Regent Street Bodies bump into me People pass like cattle Frustration Shops blur in the melee Herded towards the curb My… Continue reading

Leaving science

I have started a new MSc course in science media production. I would have written about it earlier but there were tons of issues with the registration as I’m still technically registered on… Continue reading

VIDEO: Ruby Wax: what’s so funny about mental illness

Sometimes I find it hard to explain to people about mental illness but dear Ruby seems to have it down. GO RUBY!!!

I have Crohn’s disease, which is just dandy

I have had the wonderful news that I have Crohns disease which to be totally honest was simultaneously a shock and a massive change to my world view. I had believed that my… Continue reading

Mischief Managed: The PhD is in

So finally the PhD is complete and I have handed in 2 rather slick looking bound copies to the examiners. Well I handed them in at the end of June but I haven’t… Continue reading

Don’t panic X42

He attacked everything in life with a mix of extraordinary genius and naive incompetence, and it was often difficult to tell which was which.


Want to be part of a new BBC documentary?

Hi there, my name is Laura and I am a documentary maker working on a film for BBC Three‘s new mental health season. The film will be about young people who have close… Continue reading

Stigma, Society, and Specialty Choice: What’s Going On? by Sam Huber

If psychiatry offers the flexible and reasonable hours, compensation, and autonomy that students cite as important to their lifestyle as a physician, why do applicants to psychiatry residency programs remain steady? If mental… Continue reading

Man on the wall