Leaving science

I have started a new MSc course in science media production. I would have written about it earlier but there were tons of issues with the registration as I’m still technically registered on my PhD but I can now officially say that I’m registered, woo hoo!!

I decided to run away from science mainly because I found it so incompatible with my mental health issues. For my PhD I was lucky to have a supervisor who could tolerate my bizarre working patterns and keep faith in me somehow. I can’t rely on this for the rest of my working life and so a project based working pattern will hopefully be better for me. I also feel that a career in television will hopefully allow me to raise awareness of mental illness more as, apart from anything else, I find that I get really upset about the way people refer to people with mental illness, like we are all going to go on some kind of killing spree at any moment and should be locked up. Its funny but people around me seem to forget that I get hallucinations and all that jazz. Just because I am very good at hiding it does not mean that I don’t get them.

Anyway, hopefully I will be making lots of films over the coming months and I might even get to share some here which would be cool.