Mischief Managed: The PhD is in

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good

So finally the PhD is complete and I have handed in 2 rather slick looking bound copies to the examiners. Well I handed them in at the end of June but I haven’t come within 3 feet of the computer since then on principal and since typing on the iPad is utterly infuriating I have managed to avoid updating the blog since then.

There is not much to say really. For the first few days after handing it in I was in a hyperactive whirl, running everywhere and doing everything. I truly had ye olde “ants in the pants syndrome” and just would not sit still. Unfortunately the hyperactivity did not extend to doing anything of any practical use; the flat is a total tip and I have a washing pile reminiscent of Mount Everest. I have calmed down a bit now and have been able to settle down and do some bits and pieces.

My mood has been pretty much OK which has surprised me greatly in a nice kind of way and I have been enjoying the freedom of having nothing to do which is something that I have not had the luxury of for many many years as I have had to make up for my excessive time off due to my mental health with skipping holidays in order to keep on target. The time off is therefore most welcome and a bit alien but I am not complaining.