I have Crohn’s disease, which is just dandy

Yeah, great, thanks

I have had the wonderful news that I have Crohns disease which to be totally honest was simultaneously a shock and a massive change to my world view. I had believed that my digestive troubles were a product of stress caused my my mental health and that the fatigue I suffer from was a product of laziness and was my fault. I was told that the joint pain that I have in my hips was psychosomatic and that the headaches and fevers I got were my imagination. Overall everything was MY FAULT.

So, following a trip to hospital on IV steroids, a colonoscopy, biopsies and an MRI, I was released back into the world to try and re-establish an idea of how things work with regard to my body. I am still on large quantities of steroids and am on a low residue diet which is irritating and very lacking in vitamins and minerals but has had a great impact on my gastric symptoms however little impact on the fevers and excessive tiredness. The most amazing impact has been on my joint pain which has pretty much disappeared even following days of high levels of physical activity which was completely unheard of before and has made me incredibly happy.

So, having Crohns really sucks but what sucks more are the steroids which are messing with my mood. I have been getting quite low and also getting very anxious and irritable which has not been much fun but I guess I will have to put up with it for the time being.