Feeling the burn: the stress of the thesis


My submission date for my PhD is getting uncomfortably close…..

31st May


Ok enough of that…

Well so far I am managing to keep the stress and the crazy at bay and am managing to get along alright without breaking down. I am somehow managing to keep it all together.
It’s funny but the thing that has been the hardest is the isolation. I’ve barely left my flat in months and when I have been out I haven’t made it out very far or for very long. I really miss just being able to go out and have a day of not thinking about my thesis but I know it’s not going to happen as I cant even relax on the sofa without feeling guilty that I’m not on my laptop, working, it’s crazy stressful.

I have also been eating excessive amounts of junk food which while I’m sure that it is not good for me, eating my own weight in chocolate every day which is definately not good for me and smoking like a chimney which might indeed hurt me.

So as much as I am enjoying the moan, I must return to the land of the database.

Hope to see sunlight soon