Reason for my mixed episode

I have been feeling like total crap. Spent the weekend manically running round London doing this and that but not much really, although I did make it to the Mindful exhibition which was good. Also spent Saturday afternoon with Mark47 which was fun. I then headed over to the suburbs to see TGW and go to a film night.

Saw the shrink and the social worker this morning and my lithium levels are still low which is probably the explanation for why I have been feeling so very unwell and my mood has been on super-cycle every couple of days. Have been both high as a kite with mania and suicidal with depression. I have been hearing voices which say different things depending on what mood I’m in, it’s really quite bizarre. So my lithium has been increased and with any luck that will help my mood. Also I will soon be starting on sodium valproate but they wont let me do that until I get a few medical things done, so hopefully I’ll start when I see the shrink again next week.