Influenzal Mood Disorder

I have been rather sick. I have an apparently severe case of flu and pneumonia, which has left me knocked for six and not doing very much at all, except for sleeping excessively and watching lots of the American Apprentice. Donald Trump is an interesting character. Much less grumpy than Alan Sugar but he does seem incredibly grandiose to me and dismissive of the people he meets but what do you expect from such a wealthy and famous person I suppose.

My mood has been swinging from sort of OK to really down and back again. The flu seems to have taken the manic and agitated aspects of my mood away which I guess is a good thing but it has left me in a sort of depressed malaise with no energy but I’m hoping that’s just the flu and I’ll be back to a sensible mood when it leaves me alone (famous last words, I know).

Work has been nearly impossible, I can’t seem to read very well as my eyes actually physically hurt and even when I’m watching the TV its mostly with my eyes closed, just listening. Feel really guilty for not getting much work done but I think there comes a point when you’ve just got to put your hands in the air and surrender to the fact that you are sick and will work when you get better.