Are psychiatric wards autistic?

I was in the psychiatric hospital for about 4 weeks and there I learned a few things about how things really are there. All the staff appear to suffer from a severe case of autism and show the classic triad of impairments that would suggest such.

Repetitive activities:

Restricted level of activities, sameness and compulsive behaviour: everything has to be done as it is said it is done with no deviation, digression, divergence or variation.

Repetitive activities: in that they will do the same thing every day without fail, often to the point that you can predict where they will be on the ward to within minutes.


Language is poor and some seem not to have developed the ability to speak in full sentences, using just yes or no answers and often ignoring people speaking to them. They may often point to an object rather than commenting and may also show signs of echolalia (repeating what you’ve just said).

Social development:

They often don’t react to social stimuli (like offering them a chocolate). They often don’t respond to their own name. Eye contact is minimal and they seem to actively avoid talking to anyone.