Feeling OK

I have been feeling OK mentally for a while now. The lithium seems to be doing its job.  My moods have been stable and I have been able to go into work every day without worry.

I have however been exceptionally tired and feeling groggy on most days. This is probably due to my other medications and has left me feeling like not going into work in the mornings.  It’s a conundrum because without my medications I wouldn’t be able to function but they leave me tired and weak so it’s a problem. Who knows the answer to this one? I don’t know.

I have also had a second psychotherapy assessment. This went better than the first one but it was still quite awkward, with long silent pauses. Apparently I was “playing it safe” and “refusing to open up”. Who knows what the doc was thinking. She really gets on my nerves: not looking even remotely at me and not saying anything. When the session was over she even refused to lend me her pen to write the next appointment down saying “you need to take responsibility for your appointment” I AM taking responsibility, I’m writing it down so I remember

Oh well, never mind…