Bad day with good bits

Back to work again, er sort of

Today I went back to work after a two-week absence due to mental health problems. There were a couple of problems today in that I am still rather unwell and I am still on large amounts of diazepam.  Other than that, things didn’t go too bad. Everyone around me is used to my “odd” behaviour when I’m unwell so I didn’t feel too pressured to pretend everything is ok.

I also saw my GP today and he has suggested that I up my dose of haloperidol to try and get rid of some of my agitation; it seems to be working a bit, but I’m still feeling pretty rubbish.

I’m home now and have been cheered up a bit as my Disability Living Allowance has come through and they have given me the high rate of care allowance and low rate of mobility allowance which means that some of my money problems have gone, *little woop*. This also means that my boyfriend can apply for carer’s allowance which should give him some money too *another woop*.

So overall it has been a bad day with some good elements.