tired and frazzled

I’m feeling more than a little frustrated.

I take quite a bit of medication to help control my mental health and the recent increased doses in response to me ending up in hospital (again) is making me tired all the time.

I’ve been sleeping lots but no matter what I do my stamina for work just isn’t there and I have to come home early in the afternoon.  All I want to do is to go and do a full day of work/ study or whatever you want to call it, but in the afternoon I just can’t concentrate and have to go home.

It feels a bit like I haven’t slept for about 3 days (that’s the only way I can describe it) and my head just spins and I just want to go to sleep and cant concentrate no matter what I do. I can’t seem to get enough rest, even though I get a full night’s sleep, I still feel rotten.

its really getting on my nerves as I have got so much to do.  I have been trying to get more exercise to try and combat this but it doesn’t seem to be working, am going to go to aqua-aerobics and a 40 min swim later on, I hope that will make me feel better.

I just don’t know what to do at the moment, it is taking up all my energy just writing in this blog, let alone keeping up with my PhD.