Coping strategies

Following a suggestion from Bridget Wilson Hall I thought I’d write a little about coping strategies that help me get through when I am feeling sad, depressed, suicidal or like hurting, myself.  There are three different levels of coping strategies that I use.  First is distraction: for this to work there needs to be some kind of interactivity, staring at the TV wont do any good as its too passive. Being proactive is the key (for me at least). If that doesn’t work then preventative measures have to be taken (e.g. removing all sharp things). If it gets too much then measures need to be taken in order to prevent me from doing something bad to myself and the psychiatric services need to be contacted.

Below are lists of measures for each level of intervention:

Things to do first, distraction:

  • Speak to my Mr
  • Go for a walk
  • Go swimming
  • Go to the gym
  • Write in my blog
  • Do some artwork
  • Make some jewellery
  • Write a schedule of things to do
  • Relax and focus on something pleasant

If that doesn’t work:

  • Tell the Mr I’m feeling that way
  • Remove all sharp objects from the house
  • Write down reasons not to harm/ kill self
  • Practice mindfulness skills (take a step back from self and observe the bad thoughts for what they are, just thoughts)
  • Call a helpline eg: the Samaritans

If things get really bad and I can’t cope:

  • Call social worker/ Psychiatrist
  • Ring crisis team
  • Go see Emergency Psychiatric Service
  • Go into hospital