Money, mental health & university

Money, mental illness and University, what a lovely combination.

University is a time of money worries for most students, but for me it is a source of very real difficulties.

I have problems with impulse control and am vulnerable to going on wild spending sprees when my mental health is bad.  I just can’t help myself and feel like I need to spend, spend, spend.  I also have problems with the mathematics of spending and can go vastly over-budget without even realising it.  This has led to me getting into debt problems.

It’s a catch 22: when I find myself getting into debt problems, my mental health deteriorates, which means I am more likely to go on another spending spree and make debt problems worse. It all goes round in a vicious cycle.

I have had some help from the welfare department at my university.  They have helped me make a detailed budget so that I feel more in control of my finances. This works well when I am feeling ok, but when my mental health is bad then I still end up going on spending sprees and ruining everything.

I have been in university now for 6 years. That’s 6 years of having not a lot of money; so not being in control of my finances, even for a little while can have a large impact on my life as I don’t have the buffer zone most people have.

I soon going to have a care co-ordinator (meeting with him tomorrow) so I hope that I will have the day to day support for me to manage my finances better and not get into any more debt.