“Crazy” comments

Thought I’d share a story with you…

Once I was in a pharmacy. I handed in my prescription and went to loiter around the shop while they made it up for me.  Now, the thing you should know is that I take some “serious” medications and it appears the pharmacist had noticed.  I was minding my own business, looking at lipstick or some other tat when I heard the pharmacist whisper to the assistant:

“Keep an eye on her, she’s crazy”

It would appear that the pharmacist thought that I was going to steal something or maybe start proclaiming myself to be Jesus in the shop.  I have no idea what was actually going through his mind at the time, but come on; I’m just trying to get through life/uni/work etc.  I’m not out to make some kind of scene in your pharmacy.

No matter how hard I try to ignore the “crazy” comments and get on with my life, there are some that hurt deep down.  I try so hard and yet sometimes I still feel like I will always be “that crazy person”.  If I had a broken leg then it would be fine; but because I have something that cannot be seen and people don’t fully understand then it will have an impact on how people treat me and how I can live my life.

This makes me sad